This client wanted a home with the grace and comfort of an Italian villa.  Major renovations began in 1995 and continued for several years. I chose an integral-color plaster in a Tuscan ocher for the façade, with a classic bright olive-green trim, terracotta tile roof, and traditional stone-finish columns and door surrounds. Several mosaic panels (by Karen Thompson, Archetile) grace the veranda gallery and gardens (landscape design by Vera Gates, ArtTerre). Fountains, both old and new, dot the grounds (sculptures by John Battenberg and Fletcher Benton). I designed the small gallery corbels as sculptures (modeled and cast by Tom Bollinger). The interior space is treated classically with natural materials such as wood and stone.  I designed the fireplaces, which were carved in Italy. The judicial application of faux finishes gives the place a sense of age and artistry without being overwhelming.